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[PERFORMANCELOGÍA] Open call for papers and performances

Symposium on “Communi(cati)on of Crisis”

20-25 June 2011
Nafpaktos, Greece

Institute for Live Arts Research is an Athens-based research institute founded in 2010 in order to promote and support creative dialogues between theory and practice. Initiating innovative research processes and educational production in the field of performance. The Institute for Live Arts Research organizes a five-day symposium on the “Communi(cati)on of Crisis” in Nafpaktos, Greece: The symposium will take place in various locations across the city and presentations will explore the themes of the symposium through conventional and non-conventional investigations. Symposium will include presentations in various formats such as: paper presentations, lecture-performances, workshops, open dialogues, screenings, round-table discussions and other performative acts.

(deadline 28th of February 2011)

The dominant discourse about crisis is entertained by a nostalgic yearning for healing the rift and repealing awkwardness, attenuating anomalies and regaining stability. Under this light, the current wish is to devitalize and silence crisis, to absorb and make it disappear within a normative continuum. Another way to articulate as well as activate crisis is by closely studying the parameters of the critical situation, by analyzing the destabilization, by addressing the critical condition at stake – in other words, by attempting to suspend it in order to open it up and create the possibility for an other future. This symposium aims at expressing »the vibrations, clinches and openings« (Deleuze & Guattari), which accrue to crisis as its last valuable load, at discussing and designating the revolutionary potential of this critical moment, at attributing the value of euporia to the critical rupture of the continuous, in view of a constantly postponed future (Nancy). For more information on the theme of the symposium:

We welcome submissions from researchers, scholars and artists for papers, performance-lectures, dialogues or other acts around the topic of "Communi(cati)on of Crisis" We are looking forward to receiving your proposals (max.300 words) accompanied by a short cv (max. 100 words) to the address below: Selected papers will be included in a symposium publication.

(deadline 15th March 2011)

We invite proposals for non-conventional investigations on the themes of the symposium. In particular we welcome proposals for performances (live or video), lecture-performances, interventions, actions, durational projects, site-specific performances and installations.

We encourage practice based investigations to explore the themes of the symposium in relation to space and communities. Space here we conceive of as being liminal, in between private and public, in between past and present, in between use and disuse - to place performance in such spaces is to engage with crisis. Therefore we propose practiced based projects to take place in various locations around the city. Such as an abandonded hotel building, the old port, gardens, public spaces (streets, parks, seaside), castle, playgrounds, stadiums etc

Artists working in contemporary performance, theatre, dance, live art, time-based media and interdisciplinary arts are invited to submit proposals of work, for inclusion in this event.

More information:

Submissions via e-mail to:


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