jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

Convocatoria de ERKI, Escuela de Arte de Tallin (Estonia)

La Escuela  de Arte de Tallin (Estonia), ERKI,  publica una convocatoria para jóvenes diseñadores con el fin de celebrar un desfile final de moda el 24 de mayo. Este desfile que tiene ya 32 años de existencia es uno de las citas tradicionales con el mundo de la moda en Estonia. Las propuestas podrán ser enviadas hasta el 28 de marzo. 

ERKI Fashion Show is the oldest fashion event that has been taking place in Estonia since 32-years. It’s taking place annually under the patronage of the Estonian Academy of Arts. By now, ERKI Fashion Show has developed to a comprehensive and long-waited fashion event where young designers are given the opportunity to set their fascinating and sophisticated creations against each other. The author of the most remarkable creation will be rewarded.
ERKI Fashion Show will take place on the 24th of May in Tallinn, Estonia. All international young fashion talents – students, independent designers and teams are welcome to apply for participating at the ERKI Fashion Show. To present your creations on a big stage in front of more than 1.000 spectators you just have to unleash your fantasy, put your ideas on paper and submit your designs. Theme and realization of your collection is completely up to you.The participants for the ERKI Fashion Show will be picked from the submissions.

A panel assembled by the organisers will select the participants for the fashion show. Submission begins on March 10th and will be closed on the 28th March 15:00 CET. Further information on the rules for submissions and participation can be found on the ERKI Fashion Show website: www.erki.artun.ee and received via e-mail erkimoeshow@gmail.com. The collections picked for the ERKI Fashion Show 2014 will be announced by April 3rd 2014 on our website erki.artun.ee. Successful designer will be personally contacted. The organisers will provide the chosen designers the suitable models, make-up artists and hairstylist for the fashion show, and accommodation for their stay in Estonia during the show.

For further information on ERKI Fashion Show 2014 visit the ERKI Fashion Show website: www.erki.artun.ee and the Facebook site:https://www.facebook.com/ERKIMoeshow.